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Flying in the sky

Perhaps this is the oldest and most romantic dream of mankind. Rise into the sky, feel the freedom and breadth of space, look at the world from the height of the clouds and bird's eye view ... All this can be felt, making thetrip to our aircraft. And what about yourself to take the helm and a cruise up the car in the air? Once experienced a miracle in-flight on an airplane, he dreams again and again find yourself in the sky.
For those who want to learn to fly, open our flight school pilots.

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  • Gallery Gallery In the "Gallery" section, you can see pictures of aircraft, provided by our club for lessons and custom-made flight.
  • Contact Us Contact Us In this section you can contact us to book a flight, sign up for lessons and much more.
  • About Us About Us In the section "About us", you will be able to find detailed information about our company, our services and offers.

aircraft4 Pilots are not alone. If you want to learn more about aviation, to make its first flight or get a private pilot certificate, join aviaklub "Aircraft". It is very easy. Need to come here and fill out an application. And then ... begin a new interesting life, full of unforgettable experiences, discoveries and teamwork.

aircraft5Fauste Veranzio of Venice is credited with being the first human being who has ever dared to risk his life while experimenting with fly- ing apparatus. In 1617 he con- structed a crude sort of a parachute consisting of a square frame covered with canvas with which he let himself drop from a high tower.